THE RSNO concert on Saturday (February 9) was a triumph from start to finish (Herald review, February 11). The main piece, featuring "Oor Nic'la" (Ms Benedetti), was breathtaking in perfection and magnificence. We know she is the Mistress of the Violin, but Saturday surpassed all expectations. Her control of both the instrument and the music, which had been composed by Wynton Marsalis, delighted the packed hall, with not a cough or shuffle to disturb her.

Thomas Sondergard was entirely sympathetic to her interpretation, waiting for her to move from her solo episodes, then having the orchestra keep the beat by stamping and clapping in rhythm, while still playing. Her moving from the stage, still playing the theme, then leaving it altogether with just a hint of sound from backstage was thrilling.

What a wonderful night. Thanks, RSNO for giving me the opportunity to hear such wonderful music.

Lesley P Lyon,

34 Eamont Lodge, 8 Victoria Circus, Glasgow.