THERE we have it; an extension to the Brexit timetable. A six-month breathing space for our hard-working MPs to formulate a plan to a) get us out of the EU; b) stay in the EU; or c) stay half in/half out of the EU, or any other permutation.

Did I say “hard-working MPs”? My mistake. I forget to add in the Easter break—a fortnight. A week in May, two weeks for Whitson. Six weeks summer hols—walking in the Alps, perhaps? Then we have the conference season, another three weeks, to take us into mid-October. The six months’ grace already seems too short a time for our fractious band to solve this puzzle. Add to this broth, a PM who may have to depart, the constantly angry wings of the Tory party at war with each other, a Labour party adrift with a broken compass.

How will our children regard this episode? With humour, despair or contempt?

GR Weir,

17 Mill Street, Ochiltree.

SO our three-time loser is persisting with her dance of death for democracy (“May faces Tory revolt as UK poised to contest EU elections”, The Herald, April 12).

This lady is so not for turning that her dialogue of the deaf with Jeremy Corbyn is but window dressing as she tries to twist the arms of her party to choke on their principles and vote her deal through on the fourth or fifth or whatever ordinal number she thinks will break their will to live.

Theresa May's fright night may well be sooner than Halloween if she does not abandon her Cyclopean vision. She should have the courage to offer a second referendum or go to the country to find out what her support really is instead of the temerity of trying to bulldoze her dodgy and oft-defeated deal through.

Even the Charge of the Light Brigade made more sense than her drive to get her deal over the line.

Her obduracy eclipses the longest political suicide note since Michael Foot's manifesto.

Her foot-in-the-mouth style of diplomacy is no less than one foot in the grave of her political ambitions.

Denis Bruce,

5 Rannoch Gardens, Bishopbriggs.

THE UK should never have held a referendum, as it is intended purely to let the Government know the feelings and thoughts of the populace and not a legally binding result. Can we not now have a clear and proper vote, not another referendum, on a straightforward In or Out as the voting public must surely be far more aware of the implications of either options?

Independent of whichever party is in power after the result, a free vote should be taken in Parliament on the options open. If the result was to remain it is clear, if out then the options are (a) the current withdrawal agreement (b) A customs union (c) A single market and (d) Common market 2. We have spent an enormous amount of money to date and will spend considerably more by the time this fiasco comes to an end, goodness knows how much damage it has done to our business sector and credibility worldwide. Surely if the other 27 EU countries can come to a joint decision our one parliament can too.

George Dale,

21 Oakwood Drive, Beith.

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SO, after supplication to the EU, we have been given a six-month extension. What else can be done in a period of six months? Well, you can have your teeth straightened using the right methods. If you are new to the sport, you can be ready, given appropriate coaching, to run a marathon for the first time. If you really apply yourself, you can be ready to pass the examinations for the Indian Administration Service.

Can our elected representatives at Westminster set personal ambition, political tribalism and self-indulgence aside long enough in order to agree a deal to allow Brexit to proceed in an orderly fashion? After all the shenanigans to date, that has to be regarded as a definite maybe.

Ian W Thomson,

38 Kirkintilloch Road, Lenzie.

YOUR main front-page headline, "SNP adviser under fire as anti-racism worker wins legal battle" (The Herald April 12), is both absurd and disgraceful.

I know nothing about the background to the case but I do know that the subject of the article, Grahame Smith, is best known as the general-secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress. I also recall that as recently as March last year you correctly described Mr Smith as "a long-standing member of the Labour Party".

Mr Smith does indeed sit on the Standing Council for Europe, appointed by the First Minister, but the council is made up of 18 experts with a variety of backgrounds and political affiliations, including, for example, Labour MEP David Martin.

The inference in your headline that criticism of Mr Smith somehow reflects on the SNP or the First Minister is both unjustified and outrageous.

Scott Rorison,

High Street, Dumbarton.

MY heart always sinks when I turn to your Letters Pages and see the massed ranks of regular Unionist correspondents preparing to vent their wrath on the SNP Government, which, apparently, can do nothing right (Letters, April 11). What a sorry bunch (your correspondents that is). Does Dr Edwards seriously believe that the currency issue is going to derail the independence movement? Ditto the rather sneering piece from David Miller.

I don’t know what opinion polls Alexander McKay has been following, but obviously not the many that have Yes ahead despite there having been no campaign to speak of, while Martin Redfern appears deaf to the positive noises coming from the European Union concerning Scotland’s future membership. Thank goodness for the continuing common sense of Ruth Marr, Iain AD Mann et al, and the welcome slice of good humour from R Russell Smith. Keep it up, folks.

Ian M Baillie,

1 Tudhope Crescent, Alexandria.

THE EU agrees a further extension for Brexit, so what does our First Minister call for? Another EU referendum of course. The suspicion is that whatever the result that would deliver, the SNP would then find grounds for further grievance, to justify a call for yet another referendum, this time on Scottish independence ("Sturgeon to outline Indyref2 ‘in days’’, The Herald, April12).

At least with Indyref2 the branding is ready made for a simple number change to enable us to progress onto further sequels, as the nationalist franchise promises to run and run. The SNP, the party that vows. above all else, to try its best to wear us down.

Keith Howell,

White Moss, West Linton, Peeblesshire.