NICE to see the dear old chaps sitting in their wee park in the sunshine ("Those were the days...1960: 'a little pleasure park with a Continental air' in Glasgow", The Herald, April 10).

I was intrigued by the posters at the rear of the photograph so did a bit of researching. I see that the CWS produced 100 tons per week of Bluebell margarine in Wigtownshire (was Bluebell one of the cows they milked there?). Billy Rusk, as many Scots will probably already know, was part of Popplewell's Family Entertainment and formed the Melody Makers, and as for flat caps, which all the old chaps were sporting in the photo, I was led to the "Yorkshire Flat-Cap Industry" then on to caps called Newsboy, Mariner's and the Boston Scally, and not forgetting The Bunnet.

Apart from newspaper photos of men at racecourses and sporting events I never see the flat cap being worn these days. Most older men don't bother and many younger men wear hoodies. What, as a child, I thought was glued at all times to the head of every man I knew, is no longer sported. Pity.

Thelma Edwards,

Old Comrades Hall,

Hume, Kelso.