OVER the past 20 years our family has experienced the cost and angst of re-erecting a gravestone within Cathcart Cemetery, now managed by East Renfrewshire Council albeit the grounds are within the city of Glasgow boundaries. Our family accept the mindless vandalism that has beset this particular cemetery, also the enforced "lowering" of stones understandably for safety reasons. I do not attribute blame or necessarily liability regarding our family's particular case. but I do express both my concern and disappointment at the unaddressed scenario which exists. One section in the south west area literally resembles a battle zone. No attempt at re-aligning with the stone inscription face-up. Just lines of mangled masonry.

In noting recent various community awards made, may I suggest this particular deserving project has once again been sadly overlooked.

Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue, Giffnock.