GRAEME McCarry's excellent article re UEFA's new so-called proposals ("Uefa should heed lessons of joyful week of football", Herald Sport, May 10) hit the nail right on the head. Re-arranging the Champions League as UEFA proposes, bellows "power and corruption", louder than an old ship coming up the Clyde on a foggy night.

However, I must say it surprises me it has taken this long for the money men to exit from the dark corners of European football. For goodness knows how long, the ordinary football fan has hardly seen a live Champions League game. BBC TV can't show them (no money), ITV no longer shows even the highlights. So where does that leave the vast majority who are unable to subscribe to either Sky Sports or BT Sports? Down at the pub? Well, you can't take your kids, who are daft on football into that environment. UEFA's mission of "football for all"? Aye, that'll be right.

If you have been fortunate enough to have seen any of these great games lately, try having a conversation with someone unable to subscribe to any of the aforementioned TV companies. A "still" photograph in a newspaper and Bob's yer uncle, that's their lot.

Power, corruption and greed has already gripped the greatest sport on Earth by the throat. It will not let go until the breathing stops.

Tom Gill, Erskine.