IAN Thomson’s perception of the royal baby news (Letters, May 9) did not disappoint; I would not have expected less from him. I even chuckled at David Hay’s gloat (Letters, May 9) at the Duke of York’s fall to eighth place (is it?). No disrespect intended to Mr Hay, but who to pity more?

Speaking for myself, I wish Master Archie all the very best; as I do the rest of the “Firm”. One of the best assets we have, in my view, in this United Kingdom of ours. And good luck, too, of course, to all the other babies who share Young Archie’s birthday; in this, at least, I share Mr Thomson’s thoughts.

Brian D Henderson,

Glasgow G42.

THE BBC was absolutely justified in sacking Danny Baker for tweeting a photograph with a chimp he purported to be the new royal baby ("Baker fired in royal baby race storm", The Herald, May 10). How dare he make fun of the baby's grandfather's ears?

Brian Johnston,