I AGREE with Iain Mitchell (Letters, May 21) about the imperialist, aggressive, militaristic foreign policy of the United States. This does not seem to bear any relation to who is in the White House, they all seem to be warmongers, with the possible exception of Barack Obama.

Now Donald Trump is threatening global economic security with his trade war against China, which will threaten every other country. And that's in addition to saying to Iran that it "faces the end" if it threatens the US again.

When is the rest of the world going to control the US? When are we going to tell the US "enough is enough"? Diplomacy, statesmanship, political integrity, and even common politeness, are all unknown to Mr Trump.

And that's not even the worst thing he has done. He is a climate change denier as well.

Margaret Forbes, Kilmacolm.

Kirk power grab

PLUS ça change ("Kirk backs staff cuts as it faces financial crisis", The Herald, May 21). The nodding dogs have acquiesced so that fewer of the same people will continue to appropriate more power to themselves. The appointment of a chief officer will go to an insider. Those who are to be shipped out of 121 George Street will find lucrative full-time appointments as paid staff in the new presbyteries. Pity the poor bloody infantry in the pews.

Rev Dr Robert Anderson, Dundonald.

Chair beckons

I READ extracts of Stephen Naysmith’s article (“Healthy brains are only one benefit for crossword-solvers”, The Herald, May 17) to my wife, who was too busy “doing the crossword”. Smug was the word that sprang to mind as I read the relevant parts aloud. With my blunt brain I tend to enjoy the columnists, hoping to obtain a wider perspective on life only to become more confused.

I sometimes react by writing letters to various editors and over the years have acquired an impressive pile of prizes… books galore, a deluxe head torch and a double sleeping bag to name a few.

I regularly post envelopes with completed crosswords, I guess, on my way to get the paper. Returning from holiday we found a deluxe camping chair, a prize for a winning crossword no less, ideal for chairdays. On paper my wife and I are more or less the same age, however Mr Naysmith suggests the “crossworder” is 10 years younger. My chairdays will come sooner; the prize chair is beckoning.

John M Marshall, Auchtermuchty.

Strength Sapper

THANKS, Carolyn Lincoln (Letters, May 21) for setting me straight. I always believed that Braddock only flew Lancasters. There you go, good research!

While on this nostalgia, does anyone remember The Black Sapper? A subversive character on both sides of the law, evading capture in his worm machine under the streets of London. Never mind yer Marvel Superheroes, we had plenty of our own.

Hugh Steele, Cumbernauld.

Out of time

TODAY, Monday (May 21), the first working day of the new train timetable, at 10. 15 in the morning, Glasgow Queen Street Station had no copies of the new Dunbartonshire timetable, which covers Glasgow, Balloch, Helensburgh and places between and elsewhere. An official told me they’d had some on the Sunday but they’d all gone and they were awaiting more.

Paul Brownsey, Bearsden.