THE letter (June 6) from Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Sommerville outlining the establishment of the Scottish Social Security Agency was very encouraging and I am sure comforting for anyone in Scotland who has been through the quagmire of forms, assessments and, even worse, appeals under the Westminster Government to get what is rightly their entitlement to benefit.

Following on from this letter was your Agenda article ("We must keep focus on care in the community", The Herald, June 6) by ENABLE Scotland External Affairs Director Jan Savage as she reported that "the policy direction in Scotland is on the right tracks". Those positive tones on such a crucial issue were recently endorsed by the Auditor General for Scotland (Caroline Gardner) who on giving a progress report to the Social Security Committee at Holyrood reported that the Scottish Governments had delivered all the commitments made on the establishment of the Scottish Social Security Agency until February 2019. This progress report highlighted that more than 320 staff had been employed and that the first two benefits (Carers Allowance and Best Start Grants) had been rolled out.

Social Security is often seen as a last resort safety net, yet thousands in Scotland depend on it daily just to survive. Thankfully the establishment of the Scottish Social Security Agency is starting off on the right footing with fairness, dignity and respect at its heart.

Catriona C Clark, Falkirk.

CONGRATULATIONS to Stephen Naysmith on his article (“Let’s not repeat the inhumanity of Westminster benefits system “, The Herald, May 31) about Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

I suffered two strokes in 2017, and twice applied for PIP. Both times I was turned down, once in particular due to the fact I could “prepare and cook a simple mean unaided” (on a “good” day). which was Rice Krispies.

Undeterred, I carry on applying in the vain hope of getting somewhere.

However, thank you Mr Naysmith for bringing this fact to the public’s attention.

Dorothy E Priestly, Glasgow G41.