THE First Minister advocates "restoring peatlands" as a component of tackling climate change ("Scots told to speak up on tackling ‘climate emergency’", The Herald, June 20). The most significant damage to peatlands has been from wind farms (also advocated by the First Minister) which require bases and access roads. The First Minister has declined to acknowledge this, either through ignorance (incompetence) or deviousness (deception by economy with truth). Hypocrisy is not a robust policy; people notice.

The SNP is currently chanting in unison that Boris Johnson is not fit to be Prime Minister. Let the Scottish people, in majority if not in unison, commence chanting that Nicola Sturgeon is not fit to be First Minister; list of reasons on request.

William Durward, Bearsden.

I WAS impressed by Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the World Forum on Climate Justice in Glasgow. It’s a start, but I wish to draw your readers’ attention in particular to Mary Robinson’s assertion that “we need a bottom up-movement because too often we lack the political leadership”.

I would add “spiritual leadership”. I acknowledge the work of the eco-congregation movement, the role of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland and of course of Christian Aid. However, where is the leadership from the General Assembly, the presbyteries, the pulpit and the eldership? No doubt to be witnessed here and there but overall sadly lacking.

I submit that Christianity’s insistence on Justice is meaningless unless it is understood to incorporate climate justice.

John Milne, Uddingston.

THE environment is rightly top priority in today's Herald, with Nicola Sturgeon's commitment to reduce to zero emissions by 2045. This is not early enough.

However, even with that target, it will take a brave Government, and brave media, to effect the necessary changes in our whole way of life. Regarding the media, when will be stop promoting holidays by air? Weekend supplements on travel do nothing but promote flights.

We have to campaign for the joys of travel by train, bike and ferry and promote greener buses and trains, not to mention cheaper tickets.

Ms Pat Bryden, Edinburgh EH3.

HOLYROOD has still failed to pledge a price-match between renewable energy and gas when a ban on fossil fuels is introduced by 2026. That failure will result in an annual £18 billion increase in energy bills and a £175 billion infrastructure debt to install around 85,000 MW of renewables to replace150 TWhours of energy supplied by gas.

As there is minimal demand for central heating over the summer the plant will sit idle as the two cross border interconnectors have only around 5,000 MW capacity. That results in a bill of about £4 billion in constraint payments. In addition, the four-fold increase in grid capacity to meet the demands of electric vehicles will add another £220 billion to Scottish debt.

If English consumers are no longer to be liable for 92 per cent of costs should the Climate Change Bill be renamed The Darien Scheme Mark 2?

Ian Moir, Castle Douglas.

THERE is nothing to be gained from decarbonising to help the climate but vast resources and money would be lost, for no useful return.

It seems that Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace protesters, Tory Party leadership candidates and many worried people must be unaware of the following points:-

1)The UK emits less than 1.2 per cent of the world's greenhouse gases, Scotland a tenth of that. These are negligible amounts.

2) More than 50 per cent of the planet's CO2 emissions come from China, the United States, India and others not curbing their CO2 output. Several nations are extending coal mining.

3) By decarbonising, we cannot help the climate of Scotland or the rest of the world. The cost is potentially ruinous to our finances, homes, industry and transport.

4) Anyway, there is no proof that man-made climate changes are significant, nor of any climate benefits from cutting CO2 release.

Therefore, protesters, politicians and worried citizens can be safely reassured; we could avoid decarbonisation, which will help neither us nor our planet.

Will those in charge ever waken up to such good news and act accordingly?

(Dr) Charles Wardrop, Perth.