WHOEVER is to blame for leaking the UK’s US Ambassador’s personal comments on Donald Trump should be pursued by every power at the command of the UK Government and if and when proven guilty, suitably punished ("Trump: We won’t deal with Darroch", The Herald, July 9).

In the same way as Wikileaks, this was an act more than anything else of gross selfishness, with no concern for anything other than the perpetrator’s own narrow interest. Be the leaker a Brexiter, a Remainer, a loose cannon, left or right wing or whatever, it matters little. With a volatile and unstable president this could deeply damage the economic interests of our country. Forget Donald Trump, the US is by far our biggest trading customer and ally and this could cost us in jobs and contracts.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh EH6.

OUR man in our embassy in the United States has made some very disparaging remarks about the US President and his White House modus operandi. I wonder what kind of remarks the US ambassador here has made about our politicians?

Doug Clark, Currie.