I WAS interested to read the letters about the inefficiencies of Glasgow Airport.

Since the drop-off point was removed and the iniquitous parking charge for dropping off and picking up was put in place, the airport authority's revenue must have increased exponentially. Where has the money gone? What improvements have been made with this revenue?

I came off a BA plane from London yesterday. An elderly gent with a stick had expected a wheelchair to meet him from the flight. It didn't appear. Eventually he gave up waiting and began to walk with great difficulty the not-inconsiderable distance to the luggage collection point. Why have the airport authorities not considered a moving walkway? Most city airports outside of Scotland have them. Do they know or even care about the great distance from the aircraft stands to the luggage pick-up carousels?

More generally, and applicable to all airports, is it not time for those with disabilities to be required to produce medical evidence of their requirement to board a plane ahead of the general queue? I do not object at all to genuine cases, but yesterday the flight I boarded in London had four wheelchair-using passengers and their accompanying families board ahead of two solo women with very young babies in prams and a very long queue. Some sort of miracle must have occurred during the flight, because on arrival at Glasgow the four passengers who had difficulty walking to the plane in London, positively bounded off the plane and walked speedily and unaided to the baggage reclamation area.

Mrs Yvonne Sim, East Kilbride.

Enforce the parking rules

GLASGOW City Council along with other Scottish local authorities is to bring in Sunday parking charges, but if you ever look at the many cars parked midweek in metered areas, especially in the south side of Glasgow and I am sure in other suburban areas, you will rarely see a machine-issued ticket on car windscreens. In other words, nobody bothers because there are no wardens checking.

Would it not be better to enforce the rules, collect parking fees due and continue with free Sunday parking?

Alan Stephen, Glasgow.

Darroch move shames Britain

WHAT has happened to this once-proud country? A professional and diligent top diplomat, Sir Kim Darroch, has had to resign for doing his job. As Ambassador he was required to give dispassionate and objective opinion and advice about the circumstances prevailing in the country where he had been sent by his political masters. Now these same masters have bowed to a bombast and a bully and a good man has had to go.

Shame on you, Britain.

Campbell Thomson, Newmains.

COMPARE the approval ratings of two Kims in the news. One is an Eastern despot, responsible for the murders of his uncle and his half-brother: "Great guy!"

The other is an irreproachable, frank diplomat: "Really stupid guy!"

Donald, your mammy must be birling in her grave

Graeme Orr, Neilston.

Bang to rights

WITH regard to nuisance seagulls in George Square (Letters, July 9) I suggest city councillors liaise with their Edinburgh counterparts and establish if they have the same problem in Auld Reekie, and if not perhaps cap in hand ask to borrow their famed One O’Clock Gun.

Or better still, fork out for a bigger, better, and louder one, and if that don’t scare the blighters, nothing will.

Any suggestions for something more imaginative than “One O’Clock”?

R Russell Smith, Kilbirnie.