I HAVE never seen such a one-sided, biased documentary as the BBC Panorama programme on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party ("Two Labour chiefs accused of interfering in anti-Semite probes", The Herald, July 11). This was backed up by biased coverage on news programmes on TV and radio. Those of us in Scotland have become used to BBC bias in the coverage of independence which is why the BBC in Scotland has the highest number on people refusing to pay the licence fee.

Now people in England are experiencing this level of bias I predict the number of non-payers will rise significantly too. Of course we can protest but the evidence from Scotland is that the BBC ignores the protests.

For the record as a former Labour Party member for many years and a councillor and an MEP I never encountered anti-Semitism in the Labour Party; indeed Jewish members were active in every section of the party without encountering any prejudice. The so-called problem has only begun when Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader; not because he is anti-Semitic, I’ve known him for more than 40 years and he is a committed anti-racist. He has been targeted because he is a supporter of Palestinian rights and the people attacking him inside and outside the Labour Party have close connections to the Israeli government. Indeed Al-Jeezara had a very good documentary of people from the Israeli embassy boasting they have a fund of a million pounds a year to bring down their enemies.

Of course, if I was a member of the Labour Party I could be expelled for stating the above but fortunately in Scotland our First Minister is on record as supporting Palestinian rights. No doubt we can expect accusations of anti-Semitism soon. It is not anti-Semitic to criticise the State of Israel for its dreadful treatment of Palestinians and I hope we in Scotland can continue to uphold that right despite the BBC’s dreadful bias!

Hugh Kerr, Edinburgh EH3.