DONALD Trump’s latest remarks about US congresswomen from non-white ethnic backgrounds are a disgrace, even by his remarkably low standards ("Tory rivals attack Trump over tweets", The Herald, July 16). I like America, it’s a marvellous and exciting country that has achieved greatness by bringing together "the poor, the tired and the huddled masses" who came to her shores, yearning to breathe free.

Having such a nasty, spoilt brat now occupying the White House is a stain on American democracy and on the Republican Party that backs him. I can only hope that Mr Trump’s latest racist outburst will convince enough decent Americans who gave him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t deserve their vote last time, and won’t get it again.

In one, and only one, way it’s a pity we’re not going to have Michael Gove as Prime Minister. The US could have barred him from entry to America on the grounds of his cocaine use and possible false declaration on previous visits. And the UK could have barred Mr Trump from coming back here on the grounds of inciting racial hatred. A nice symmetry; if only.

Doug Maughan, Dunblane.

DONALD Trump seems keen to deport various ethnic minority Democrats to the countries from which their parents came, even though they are US citizens.

This could set a worrying trend, and I could foresee an incoming Democratic administration threatening to deport ex-President Trump. What can we Scots do to make sure he is not deported to Scotland?

Sam Craig, Glasgow G11.

Role models?

CATRIONA Stewart enjoyed a splendid rant against us poor, deluded, and apparently only briefly useful-for-reproduction males in ("Male delusion lies behind the Serena boasting", The Herald, July 16). And who could challenge her criticism of “over-promoted balloon” Mr Trump or “Latin-spouting Boris Johnson”? She is kind enough to allow men to live in a fantasy world as it would distract us enough from the delusion we could successfully run the country.

Perhaps she has forgotten our first two fine role model lady prime ministers, Margaret Thatcher (from whose devastating leadership some of our communities are still recovering) and Theresa May (whose blundering and indecisiveness over Brexit left us in the laughing stock of Europe mess we are today). A case of selective amnesia?

Bob Serafini, North Berwick.

Real trouper

I SUPPOSE that journalism is like showbusiness in that the show must go on and deadlines must be met; so well done Fidelma Cook, who despite the travails of multiple bruising, a broken knee, respiratory and cardiac problems found the spirit and the strength to produce her weekend copy for your magazine while immobilised in hospital in France ("I tempted the fates and forgot the gods laugh when man makes plans", Herald Magazine, July 13 ).

I am sure all her regular readers will wish her a speedy recovery and reunited soon with the admirable Cesar.

What a trouper.

R Russell Smith, Kilbirnie.

Rhyme time

I WAS amused by the notice on the Obituaries page (July 15 & 16) and inspired to say:

The editor's a poet

Who does not even know it:

“Poem of the Day

Lesley Duncan is away”.

Duncan Ferguson,

Achmore, Ross-shire.