ONE can only assume that your correspondent Doug Clark (Letters, July 17)) is not dependent on any

specialist medication for his survival, or that his hatred of the EU and the SNP has blinded his judgement. For those like myself whose very life depends on daily medication with drugs manufactured in the EU, the threat of disruption to their supply through the madness of crashing out of the EU without a deal is real and


While no doubt the persons whom he claims are working on this eventuality are honest and diligent individuals, there is no evidence that they have actually achieved a reliable solution to the self-generated problems arising from any form of Brexit. Indeed, the very opposite seems to be the case; even now, before, heaven forbid we leave the EU, friends with similar conditions to myself have encountered problems with the supply of specialist medication.

Your headline about the ease of believing lies is very true, but is most relevant to believers such as Mr Clark, who seem to have fallen hook, line and sinker for the lies peddled by the Tories and their fellow-travelling Brexit enthusiasts in the Labour Party. As has been said elsewhere, Brexit means regaining those things we have not lost and losing those that we already have.

Dr RM Morris, Ellon.

KEITH Howell (Letters, July 17) believes that the Supreme Court or the European Court would support the Westminster Government if it denied the Scottish Government a referendum on independence.

The UK is a signatory to the United Nation Charter which endorses self-government: neither the Supreme Court nor the European Court is likely to ignore that.

The Commonwealth nations, previously under direct UK control, are precedents for Westminster's recognition of the principle of self-government.

Colin Campbell, Kilbarchan.