WHAT Colin C Maclean writes anent Transport Scotland and its failings over the creation of a Dalmeny chord to obviate the continuing problems of Winchburgh Tunnel (Letters, August 9) should come as no surprise to those of us determined that Scotland requires a rail system fit for the 21st century.

This is the same Transport Scotland which downgraded the partial rebuilding of the Waverley Route from 16 miles of double track to nine miles. Thus holders of the ScotRail franchise experience great difficulty in maintaining schedules.

This is the same Transport Scotland whose inaction impedes the reopening of lines. And it’s the very same Transport Scotland which put such obstacles in the way of station reopenings by forecasting rock-bottom usage that one wonders how on earth Laurencekirk was ever opened to passengers again? Fact: usage of Laurencekirk has overshot every forecast made.

It’s not so much lack of money that impedes betterment of rail in Scotland, but aspiration, initiative and a will to win. Transport Scotland sits hand-in-glove with Abellio ScotRail in cheerfully foisting second-best on us long-suffering rail travellers. Transport Secretary Michael Matheson: when are you going to take action?

Gordon Casely, Crathes, Kincardineshire.

THE proposal stated by myself (Letters, August 9) referring to closure of the Winchburgh Tunnel and diversion of its line of route some 40 years ago took into account the flooding problems but also the maintenance of Ratho and Gogar viaducts. This pre-dates the proposal of recent years to have a Dalmeny chord built to serve Edinburgh Gateway and provide an alternative route as commented on by Colin C Maclean.

John Macnab, Falkirk.