IN reference to the rioting which is taking place in Hong Kong, most people in Hong Kong do not approve of the protestors. The people who are rioting do not represent the population. They are anarchists. Most of them are young people who are easily led. They just want to spread violence throughout the country for their own purposes.

It is disgusting that they are allowed to get away with attacking the police force who are only there to prevent disorder. If the protestors are in favour of law and order why are they scared to show their faces?

People should know China is not an enemy of Hong Kong. If anyone if responsible for the unrest in Hong Kong it is Donald Trump. He is the biggest threat to democracy. He will say and do anything to hurt China and Britain goes along with anything he says.

Rewarding people who riot is a stupid idea. If the protestors win then violence wins. What does that do for democracy? Nothing.

Tina Giam, Glasgow G5.