FIRST Glasgow recently reduced some bus services in the Glasgow area. Most notable were the removal of Service 2 between Baillieston and Airdrie and the reduction from six to four buses per hour off-peak on service 4 between Broomhill and Muirend. First Group recently announced that the First Glasgow operation contributed 55 per cent of the overall operating profits made by its UK bus division. Given that these amounted to £50 million in 2017/18 and some £66m in 2018/19 then the profits at First Glasgow are now in the region of £35m per annum.

It is ironic then that just days later it has announced a further increase in bus fares from the beginning of September. The profits in the past couple of years would suggest the rise is completely unnecessary and passengers in Glasgow are being fleeced to keep fares lower in other parts of the UK or, worse still, line the pockets of shareholders. First may point to the large number of new vehicles being introduced but these were long overdue, as up to this point an ever-increasing number of the vehicles in the fleet were over 12 years old with some approaching 18 years old.

Ian Harrison, Glasgow G3.

ON many occasions as I wait for a Glasgow First no. 6 bus at the appropriate bus stop the electronic timetable informs me that one is “Due” then I wait and wait and nothing comes along; eventually the notice disappears off the board and I am advised that the next one is due in 20 mins or so and with a bit of luck one finally does come. Do you think this is in fact a phenomenon similar to the “Bermuda Triangle” and that there is a mysterious sea off the Scottish coast littered with the wrecks of no 6 buses? Oh, it’s spooky...

Alan Stephen, Glasgow G44.