Bin there

FOSTER Evans sends us a message he spotted on social media which we suspect a few readers can agree with. It read: "No idea what bin it is tomorrow. Neighbours know that I rely on them to make the first bin move. Yet not one bin out yet. Bin mind games. Long night ahead." As Foster tells us: "I’ve even heard of people putting the wrong bin out and then correcting the 'mistake' when it’s dark..."

Balls up

OUR mention of stories that could only happen in Glasgow reminded John Gillick of being a teenager and seeing Rod Stewart and the Faces at Glasgow's Apollo where he athletically caught one of the footballs that Rod had kicked into the crowd.

Says John: "One of the stewards advised me to leave there and then as if I didn’t someone was likely to relieve me of it. However I stayed to watch the rest of the concert. At the end, as I made my way out, three older guys converged on me and blocked my exit. As I stood clutching the ball trying not to look afraid, the guy in the middle pointed to the ball and said, ‘Did you catch that wee man? How do you fancy playing in goals for us tomorrow?’"

With intent

WE asked about your typing mistakes and Stewart Logan says: "I was going for a long weekend in the hills planning to return home on the Monday. On the Sunday morning, I wakened in my tent to atrocious weather and the Monday was predicted to be more of the same. I sent my wife a message saying 'I’ll be home tonight' using predictive text. When I got home, she passed me her phone and asked for an explanation. She had received the message 'I’ll be good tonight'."

All Greek

TALKING of mistakes in general Johnny Keats recalls: "My aunt wandered into an open air restaurant in Greece and sat down. She had no Greek, and they had no English, so she pointed at what others were having and they brought her wine and food. Only when she tried to pay and they refused did she realise she'd just crashed someone's wedding party."

Screen time

A READER musing about bringing up children tells us: "My children walk through a room like a character being chased in a movie throwing items behind them to impede their pursuer."

Haw you

READER Bob Jamieson tells us: "Your mention of Chinese restaurants reminded me of one which was in Union Street in Glasgow in the 1960s and 70s. It was called Kam Wha and the name was shown on lettering on the six front windows. It was never called by its name as when you sat inside you saw the letters reversed and so it was always known as The Haw Mak."

Out of control

ARE folk getting a bit tetchy these days? Maybe it's because of the politics. Andy Cameron returning from Majorca tells us: "Standing behind a well-dressed young lady at the automatic passport booth at Palma Airport I noticed that she had her passport inserted upside down and informed her of that. She inserted the passport the right way up only to stand in the wrong place so I told her that she’d have to put her feet on the feet marked on the ground and look into the camera. As she walked away I called out to her that she’d left her small case behind. Not even a thank you was offered so I called out 'you’re welcome'. She turned, and in what can only be described as a Home Counties accent said,'Oh why don't you just f*** off'."


AN AYRSHIRE reader tells us one of his golf club members declared the other day: “My grand-daughter told me she and her pals paid good money to go to one of those escape rooms where you have to work out how to get out of it. I asked her if it would not be cheaper simply to walk through Ikea the wrong way.”