I NOTE the letter from CMAL chief executive Kevin Hobbs (September 3). I do not doubt the credentials of this team as stated, which then begs the question as to why they did not raise concerns regarding the tender quote as they must have had some idea that it was too low to achieve what was offered.

Equally I would assume that they visited the yard regularly to monitor progress and raise concerns over problems and changes with Ferguson Marine and their immediate employer, the Scottish Government. Until close to delivery dates no public statements were made regarding severe problems with the builds, was it as much a surprise to the government as it was to the public too?

George Dale, Beith.

Handy advice

THE Agenda column today (“Why law firms have to embrace clarity", The Herald, September 3) points out the rather obvious need for clarity in the advice given by law firms to their clients, avoiding both the use of legal jargon and any tendency to sit on the fence. It all reminded me of the presumably apocryphal story of the bemused client who, after receiving advice, demanded a second opinion from a one-armed lawyer who would hopefully have difficulty in saying “on the one hand this, and on the other hand that".

Alan Fitzpatrick, Dunlop.

Wrong Queen

THE photograph on Page 14 of Tuesday’s Herald of a ship navigating a dry dock (“The ‘beautiful’ QE2 arrives in Greenock, The Herald (September 4) is interesting if only because the ship is not, as claimed the QE2. It was is in fact the Queen Elizabeth.

Duncan Shaw, Kilwinning.