LONGISH queues outside fish and chip shops are not too unusual, especially after closing time, but this queue, in Kinning Park, Glasgow, in May 1992, was something special. Special enough, in fact, that it set a new world record.

Ramsden’s had been determined to make an assault on the existing record for the largest number of servings in one day - 10,183. The shop took its effort seriously, bringing in 2,750 pounds of fresh haddock, 11 tonnes of potatoes, 900 pounds of fat, and 528 pounds of batter mix.

Glaswegians queued outside the shop for up to four hours. It certainly helped that they had to pay only a nominal 10 pence for each fish supper, with the proceeds being channelled to children’s charities via ITV’s popular Telethon.

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The sales went on all day and continued into the evening. At one late stage, a somewhat weary management told reporters: “We’ve broken the record and we are still selling.” All told, the shop sold 11,964 take-away meals that day.

As The Caterer magazine noted a few years later, in 1995, Harry Ramsden’s chairman and chief executive John Barnes had “exploited every opportunity to get the brand into the press”, including the Glasgow record bid. In March 1995, the firm’s shares were listed on the main London Stock Exchange. Barnes told the City institutions: “We want to be the world’s most famous fish and chip brand.”