I AGREE with the generality of David J Crawford’s view that “we cannot trust our politicians when they put party before country! (Letters, September 6), but am disappointed that his lengthy diatribe is directed against solely the Conservatives, and makes no mention additionally of any actions of the Opposition parties in that regard.

The present make up of the Commons has proved to be incapable of resolving Brexit, and understandably the Opposition parties have been repeatedly been saying "bring it on", calling for an early election, to give them the chance to change that make-up so as to replace the Conservative Government and delay or revoke Brexit. However , now an immediate election is on offer, all of a sudden they have done an abrupt u-turn and we are witnessing the most blatant example of putting party before country in their attempts to delay it. By their delaying action they are not defending anything other than their own narrow party interests as it dawns on them that they might well lose the election in face of the groundswell of public opinion fed up with all the delay and wanting Brexit finished one way or the other right now. Recognising that public opinion will not tolerate a lengthy delay, they dress up their delaying actions as being essential to block No Deal for ever, which they must know it cannot do if they lose the election whenever it comes.

In essence and in reality what they hope to gain by delay is some electoral advantage in humiliating the Prime Minister by forcing him to write to the EU, in their specific terms, to seek a Section 50 extension beyond October 31 and requiring him to accept without question whatever extension, if any, the EU decides to grant. How can that be considered to be in the best interests of this country? Obviously any politicians delaying an immediate election is doing so for what they perceive to be in the best interests of their own party.

Alan Fitzpatrick, Dunlop.

I DON'T think I have read a more sensible letter on Brexit in The Herald than that from David Crawford (September 6) I could not have summarised the situation any better. I would only add that the sooner Scotland is no longer governed by that dinosaur called the Westminster Parliament, the better.

Robert Currie, Helensburgh.

ONCE again we have the so-called democrats of this country opposing the wish of the majority.

We had a people's vote to decide whether we should remain or leave the EU in 2016. I voted to remain, however, the majority vote was for the United Kingdom to leave the EU. Surely as a democratic society we abide by the majority, not to keep having referendums until we get the result we want.

In Westminster last week Ian Blackford, the SNP's Westminster leader, asked the Prime Minister if he was a dictator or a democrat; in my way of thinking this is Mr Blackford being very undemocratic. Yes, the majority of Scots voted to remain, however, this was not a Scottish vote, it was a UK-wide vote, where the majority voted to leave we should honour that wish and allow the Government to proceed with getting us out of the EU.

I am proud to be Scottish, but when members of the SNP continue to harp on about democracy but still want to have a second independence referendum they are being very undemocratic because in 2014 the majority of Scots voted to remain in the UK.

Let us get back to being democratic and get on with the business of ensuring that children are getting the best education, those people in hospital or needing care are getting the best, and that jobs are safeguarded. If the SNP can fulfil its promises at the last Scottish elections we will be heading in the right direction.

Gordon Ross, Cumbernauld.

WHILE our hapless, scheming, duplicitous, backstabbing politicians continue to indulge in all sorts of nefarious practices to frustrate the democratic decision of 2016, German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes hay while the sun shines. On her latest visit to China, accompanied as usual by a huge trade delegation and on this occasion 20 of the leaders of Germany's top businesses, no fewer than six trade agreements have just been signed. It is time for our dithering politicians to wake up and get a grip. They are a bunch of amateurs. We deserve better.

Morag Black, Houston.

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