ALEX Gallagher (Letters, September 19) asks the question as to whether my comments regarding Health Secretary Jeane Freeman were made for party political purposes. In so doing he falls into the trap that I was highlighting, namely looking at a problem solely through political glasses. That renders you not only incapable of rational judgement as to who was at fault, but also means any conclusions you make – however valid – are open to accusations of political bias.

Both health boards are culpable in my view given that they were charged with delivering the buildings whose failures are now to be examined in a public inquiry. Having worked on both projects prior to the actual build stage there was evidence even then of poor competence levels, particularly within the project managers tasked by the respective health boards with managing the process.

The evidence now emerging suggests there was no proper interrogation of the contractor’s drawings and specifications together with poor site management. This allowed unsafe conditions to be passed as safe. Frankly, there is no real alternative explanation as to how 76 areas of non-compliance which emerged on the Edinburgh Sick Kids site are having to be remedied at taxpayers' expense rather than as a cost attributable to Brookfield.

Similarly, on the Glasgow adult hospital cladding is having to be replaced (again at taxpayers' expense) despite Brookfield having promised in its bid that all external cladding would be fully compliant with the building regulations and despite the fact that the defect was discovered within Brookfield’s three-year defects liability period whereby it has ownership of the replacement costs. The health board’s excuse that it had passed all the regulatory authorities not only highlights their failure but also the board’s complacency in addressing the problem. Why did their team not spot this?

Far from giving Ms Freeman an easy ride I have been writing to her for over six months pointing out a number of serious failures that need investigation on both sites (my last letter to her in June about the QEUH runs to nine pages). As yet I have been unable to get a definitive response as to why the taxpayer is footing the bill for Brookfield’s failings.

Robert Menzies, Falkirk.