AN English translation of the holy book of the Sikh religion - ‘Guru Granth Sahib’- was presented to the city of Glasgow on November 23, 1969, by Mr Aga Pant, the Indian High Commissioner, on behalf of the Sikh community of Glasgow.

Bailie James Allan, on behalf of the Lord Provost, accepted the book and said it would be placed in one of the city’s libraries, to be consulted by members of the public.

The presentation was made at the Woodside Halls, at a cultural evening held to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion.

Bailie Allan praised the Sikh community in Glasgow, which made up, at that time, 80 per cent of the Indian population locally.

He told those attending: “In recent years you have made your mark in this great city. By your orderly behaviour, by your diligence, hard work, and general respect for everyone, you have given lessons which might well be copied by many other sections of our community”.

The gathering was also addressed by Dr Maurice Miller MP; B.A. Orchard, leader of the Moslem Mission in Glasgow; Balwant Singh Kapoor, of a Punjabi weekly newspaper printed in London; and by Captain Jagie Singh Rakhra and Shri Inderjit Singh, both Sikh leaders.