WE write to express our grave concerns about Glasgow City Council’s catalogue of failures regarding its provision of homelessness services.

Too often the council has failed people facing homelessness by failing to provide the temporary accommodation or services they have a legal right to. They get away with impunity time and time again.

Despite involvement from the Scottish Housing Regulator, there has been no improvement. Set against this abject failure, earlier this year the council confounded many of us by deciding to cut £2.6 million of funding for homelessness accommodation in the City.

We the undersigned demand urgent action from the council and ask for a complete overhaul of its homelessness strategy and for a new plan to guarantee temporary accommodation for every person that needs it. Without meaningful change, hundreds of very vulnerable people will continue to be failed by Scotland’s largest local authority.

This is simply not good enough in 21st century Scotland. We say “enough is enough”. People experiencing homelessness are being forced onto the streets; officials are unable or unwilling to tackle the problem, and the numbers are getting worse not better, despite the best efforts of third-sector partners across the city.

There needs to be intervention at the highest level in order to guarantee that homeless people’s rights are met and that they get the level of service they deserve.

Glasgow City Council – you need to stop breaking the law and get your house in order.

Graeme Brown, Director, Shelter Scotland; Maureen Smith, Castlemilk Law Centre; Ewan Aitken, Chief Executive, Cyrenians;

Gavin Yates, Chief Executive Officer , Homeless Action Scotland; Dr Marsha Scott, Chief Executive Scottish Women’s Aid.