READING the correspondence about use of words, I am reminded of the late Chic Murray telling his audience of a conversation about this and that. "I know quite a lot about 'this'", said Chic, but I don't know much about 'that' ".

David Miller, Milngavie.

SO, well, now we have the annoying and unnecessary "thank you very much indeed' as handover between TV presenters. What is the next superfluous phrase going to be? How about "to be sure"?

Margaret MacDougall, Greenock.

BRIAN Douglas (Letters, November 22) decries the use of “Do you know what” at the start of a sentence.

It reminded me of a board meeting, chaired by a very well-known business leader. I asked him if I could ask a question. He replied “You already have. Do you want to ask a second one?”

Douglas Hutchison, Kilcreggan.

CAN I add "brand new" to the growing list of irritating use of language? New TV programmes are always described as "brand new", what’s wrong with just "new", is that not exciting enough?

Stuart Neville, Clydebank.