IT HAS been a good week for time travel fans.

Not only has long-running TV series Doctor Who announced it is returning soon with its “biggest episode ever”, a photograph has emerged that suggests time-travellers really do exist ....

The spooky picture-everyone-is-talking-about this week was taken by Swedish American documentary photographer Eric Hegg back in 1898 and it shows a group of children working in a goldmine in Canada’s Yukon territory.

It is not just the fact that children this young are working as miners which makes this image so striking - it’s the fact that one of them bears an eerie resemblance to Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Cue lots of theories that the teenage climate change campaigner is actually a time-traveller working her way through different eras in a bid to prevent catastrophes, and much mirth on social media about whether she really is on an eco-friendly boat heading back across the Atlantic, or is, instead, moving on to the next dimension in her bio-fuelled TARDIS.

I love a good conspiracy theory, and this is a cracker, not least because of the fascinating, truly uncanny likeness - pigtail, earnest stare and all - between Greta and the goldmine girl.

I’m not alone - scientists know that as part of our evolution, humans are programmed to make connections between seemingly random things because any theory, no matter how far-fetched, is easier for our brains to deal with than a weird collection of unconnected events.

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It’s the reason urban legends spread like wildfire, and it’s why we love the idea that strange shapes on our burnt toast might actually be the face of Jesus and therefore, a message from another world.

It’s just so much more fun to think that Marilyn Monroe might really be alive and running a B&B in Thurso, or that Britney Spears was employed by the White House to distract the media by creating a scandal every time the Bush administration messed up. Hilarious.

Meanwhile, the return of time-travelling two-hearted alien Doctor Who is a festive favourite in our house. This year, thankfully, fans seem to have got over the galactic gender-related meltdown of 2017, although many are a bit miffed about the lack of a Christmas Day special (fingers crossed for New Year’s Day!)

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Nothing stays the same forever, and talk of who might take over from Jodie Whittaker is bound to start sooner or later.

But surely, Greta, the answer is obvious.....?