I WAS interested to read your article on the island of Ulva ("Ulva to increase its six-person population by hiring manager to draw tourists to the island and tell its story", The Herald, January 9) and about the plans to "... draw tourists to the island and tell its story". You note that Ulva "played a major part in the founding of modern Australia", referring to Lachlan Macquarrie.

While in no way wishing to question the importance of Macquarrie in the development of Australia – as anyone visiting there very quickly appreciates – may I suggest that you could have at least mentioned Neil Livingstone. Neil Livingstone, of Ulva, was the father of David Livingstone who, may I suggest, had a much wider global impact than Macquarrie.

Hopefully, the proposed project manager will more than simply note this fact at the heritage visitor centre!

John McArthur, Former Trustee, David Livingstone Centre, Kinross.