I WONDER how many people remember the grandiose promises made by Glasgow officials and councillors about the sporting legacy of the 2014 Commonwealth Games as they hoovered up large amounts of public money? Yet we read that Glasgow City Council is considering closing all but one of the municipal golf courses it owns ("Landmark gallery sell-off listed amongst city's options to slash costs", The Herald, January 29).

How many golfers like myself struck their first shots on such a course? In my case it was the long-gone Kings Park nine-hole course and when I checked there was no blue plaque to mark the event! Golf is not only an excellent contributor to personal health but also represents a very significant source of income nationwide running into many millions. This begs the question: why has Glasgow Life so badly managed matters?

One need only look at councils like South Ayrshire who positively promote their courses. One has to assume that the 15 per cent drop in usage as quoted by Glasgow Life has a lot more to do with their inaction and incompetence than any disaffection by the golfing community.

When interviewed on Radio Scotland immediately after the Commonwealth Games about a sporting legacy I was accused by the interviewer of being cynical and defeatist when I forecast that the ordinary citizen would see no benefit and their options to participate in sport would continue to decrease. It gives me no pleasure to be able to say "I told you so". I would hope that those responsible for this disgraceful situation will be considering their positions. but I am not holding my breath.

David Stubley, Prestwick.