I FEEL it incumbent upon me to make several points in relation to Alison Rowat's article on the forthcoming US presidential elections ("Is this the week that won the election for Donald Trump?" February 6).

Since his election in 2016 President Trump has been subjected to the most negative media attacks in US history. Consistently more than 90 per cent of all media reports were found to be negative towards Mr Trump's administration and it was clearly shown that positive stories were completely ignored by the Democrat-obsessed media. Mr Trump cleverly gets his message out to voters by using Twitter which the media can't spin negatively. This is coupled with the Democrat-worshipping Hollywood millionaires constantly carping about imagined wrongs Hillary Clinton has also fuelled the divide in the US with her deluded bitterness that she was robbed of her entitlement to be President.

Ms Rowat strangely describes the Trump administration's foreign policy as "dangerous" yet it is surely relevant to point out that the US is not involved in any wars, which is a very rare situation in the last two centuries.

She rightly points out that the economy is important but fails to stress just how well it is doing. African American and Hispanic employment percentages are up massively in comparison to those during the Obama era. The growth rate in the US economy is at levels Boris Johnson and his cohorts can only dream about. Virtually every index and measure shows that the US is thriving and to describe that as "luck" is to say the least disingenuous. Perhaps the best illustration of that is the fact that the arch funder of anti-Trump groups, George Soros, bet on the economy tanking during the Trump administration and lost billions of dollars.

The Democratic Party is riven with division and many of their leading lights are under investigation for various actions which may indeed prove to be criminal. Not least of these is why Joe Biden's son was given a job at $50,000 per month with a Ukrainian company when he had absolutely no qualification or experience for the role. Mitt Romney, the only Republican senator to vote for Mr Trump's impeachment is also in the spotlight as a member of his election team is also linked to events in Ukraine. It is a commonly-quoted phrase in the US that "if you want to know what the Democrats are up to just look at what they are accusing the Republicans of".

The US is deeply divided and a team of Mahatma Gandhi, the Dali Lama and Nelson Mandela could not bring peace and harmony. The simple fact is Mr Trump is doing a good job and the American people can see that.

David Stubley, Prestwick.

IF you don’t let a court to allow witnesses to be called, how can you call that a fair trial? American "justice", what more can be said?

Steve Barnet, Gargunnock.