IN the last two months I have replaced two front tyres in my car due to damage from potholes, which seem to daily increase in number. I now find myself taking last-minute evasive action, as I have noted do other drivers, to avoid the more obvious potholes, which must be of concern to the safety of other road users.

Therefore, in order to give drivers some advance warning of the larger and deeper potholes I suggest that a brightly coloured circle (yellow would good) be painted round these potholes.

It is well known that the lack of essential maintenance of our roads is due to the decisions that local authorities have to make with the funding from the Scottish Parliament and the additional costs of compensating motorists whose vehicles have been damaged by potholes must further reduce the funds available.

However, since some insufficient infilling presently occurs, the ongoing situation must be being monitored, and I suggest that during this monitoring, the paint delineation of the larger potholes could be implemented prior to future repair.

Robert W Morrison, Glasgow G44.