I’D like to thank John Birkett (Letters, February 21) for his lesson on proper road repairs. I just hope that South Lanarkshire Council, whose idea of road resurfacing is a layer of wet tar scattered by a few tonnes of loose chips, takes heed. I wonder how many broken windscreens (I know of one) and damaged paintwork this method causes.

In mitigation, of course, they do post a 20mph sign .... which is carefully observed by the majority of white van men and most commercial vehicles, not to mention my fellow car drivers. Aye, right.

Ian Craig, Strathaven.

HATS off to our glorious city council. Hard as it may seem, they have managed to challenge the stupidity of the double yellow lines on Great Western Road fiasco.

We now have speed bumps on Helensburgh Drive and Seggielea Road despite the total lack of speeding on either street. (Seggielea is only about 200 yards long, for heaven's sake.) Not only that, but the preponderance of potholes has been left intact.

It simply beggars belief that the council can think of nothing better to do with my hard earned council tax than to fritter it away on pointless nonsense like this when our roads are in such poor condition.

Forbes M Dunlop, Glasgow G13.