I WOULD like to join the debate in respect of the dilemma facing the SFA and the SPFL in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

It now looks increasing likely that next season’s start date is going to be delayed, possibly by weeks or even months, so why not recommence football when the time comes by completing the outstanding 2019-20 games first? This way the integrity of the leagues remains intact and the winner and relegation spots are earned on merit. This of course means next season will be truncated with fewer games being played, but surely this is the fairest solution to the current predicament.

Completing the outstanding eight games and deducting those from the total played next season would mean players would avoid potential injuries caused by a pile-up of fixtures, always assuming of course that the pandemic is over in time for even the combined number of games to be completed.

In terms of payouts due at the end of the current season then lump sums could be apportioned now, on the basis of current league standings, in order to help keep struggling clubs afloat. Adjustments could then be made up or down according to final league table placements and the four outstanding cup games could be fitted in as they would any other season.

I am quite sure that season ticket holders would understand this arrangement due to the exceptional circumstances and purchase tickets as normal, in order to help their clubs survive, even if this means being unsure which league their team may end up playing in next season.

Christopher H Jones, Giffnock.

CONGRATULATIONS to Matthew Lindsay for his excellent article on Pat Stanton ("Stanton out on his own in Hibernian days", Herald Sport, April 6).

As a Hibernian fan of very long standing, I was reminded of the Hibernian v Leeds United UEFA Cup tie of 1973 which ended in a 0-0 draw decided by penalties. I attended both ties.

Later that year whilst I was on a football tour with the head branch of my employer's team in the north of England, we had a match against our Leeds branch.

Our hosts had very kindly arranged hospitality for us after the game and I got chatting to a Leeds season ticket holder about the Hibs v Leeds tie. At the time Leeds were probably the best team in England. I asked the Leeds fan who the best player he had seen playing at Leeds that past season. Without hesitation he said "Pat Stanton".

Robert Spalding, Dysart, Fife.