THE recently-issued Netflix mini series The English Game is doing the rounds as we all hunker down to protect ourselves, our families and others from the virus. It is based – perhaps too loosely at times – on two Scottish footballers, Fergus Suter and Jimmy Love, who “go professional” in the North of England, playing a “passing game” against the posh amateurs in the soft South. They are Scots taking the game to its founders; playing a tactical game involving using a strategy where the “ball does the work”, using a “football brain” to outwit the opponent.

Spring forward about 150 years and we have moved to a walking game, but at some speed. The game here, in true lemming fashion is directing itself towards to a looming cliff edge.

In the middle of all the virus-related darkness we fret and worry about “our game”. We have pundits (not experts) chuntering day-after-day about what each “knows” and how it can be resolved “if you listen to me”. BBC Sportsound take note.

However, Scotland needs football; it’s in the country’s DNA for many, many people. It’s been in mine for most of my 66 years.

However again, what do we have?

The SPFL, unfit for its purpose. No leadership, opaque, incompetently governed.

Rangers FC, which built a bonfire (of its own vanities), lit it and continues to fan the flames.

We have Heart of Midlothian, Partick Thistle (of Suter and Love fame), Stranraer, Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts. all of which have been right-royally given the thumbs-down.

There will be dancing around the hedge at Dudgeon Park in Brechin as City (the worst senior team in Scotland based on results) are given a massive reprieve.

We have players being used as pawns: what about their health, their families and loved ones?

Lastly, there are the fans, the obsessed, the adoring, the constant faithful: 100 per cent forgotten.

Maybe, just maybe, we should just let the lemmings get on with it.

We have our memories after all. King Kenny, Slim Jim, Jinky, Henrik, the Dons, the Tannadice Terrors, Lisbon, Barcelona, Wembley victories, the Hampden Roar, Jock, Bill, Matt and Alex.

What too about the great days for Patrick Thistle, the Saints of Mirren and Johnstone, Inverness going ballistic, dancing in the streets of Raith and so on, and so on?

Memories might just be what we’re left with. Bring back Fergus Suter, that’s what I say.

JC Davidson, North Berwick.