IN March 1960, Dunfermline Athletic were in grave danger of being relegated from the old Scottish First Division.

With six games to go they were required to win them all to be assured of safety.

The record shows that they did just that and thus avoided relegation at the last hour.

Their manager was a certain Jock Stein.

Now we relegate teams and crown others champions when the season is far from over (“Celtic nine in a row champions”, The Herald, May 19).

I wonder what Mr Stein would have made of it.

Janice MacKay, Blackwood.

Give golf a rest

IN this exceptional time, many non-golfers have taken to the fairways for some newly discovered local rambles and have been amazed at the beautiful views on their doorstep. With the likelihood of golf courses being reopened in the near future, these wonderful local walks and views will be denied once again to many people.

Topically, just as the rich are being urged to give something back to their communities, why don't the golfing fraternity do likewise to their neighbourhoods?

One golf-free day per week would surely not go amiss for this privileged minority to open up these huge tracts of land to the vast majority.

Tommy Boyd, Cumbernauld.

Not so vulnerable

A FRIEND commented ruefully in a phone conversation today that he would probably be one of the last people to come out of lockdown because he was classed as a "venerable" adult. “I mean a ‘vulnerable’ adult,” he quickly corrected himself. I told him he was right the first time. What a difference it would make if all of us over 70 were described as “venerable” adults rather than “vulnerable” adults. It gets my vote.

Katie Allstaff, Aberfeldy.


I WAS resting beside the Darn Walk when an attractive man walked by and stopped to chat to me, from a safe distance. Suddenly he turned away and started talking into some mobile device. After about five minutes he came back and said: “Sorry about that. I’m multi-tasking. I’m walking and working. It’s not only women who can do multi-tasking, you know.” So now I know. Men are as good as women at some things.

Helen Ross, Bridge of Allan.

A spoke in the wheel

THOUGHT I’d cracked Monday’s Word Wheel immediately: "aphorical" (from "aphorism", I cleverly deduced). So confident I didn’t even look it up and just checked the solution in today’s edition (May 19). Yes, you are right. Aphorical doesn’t exist.

Still, I’ll keep trying.

Paul McCrossan, Glasgow G14.

Taking the rap

I HAVE recently developed a great liking for electronica, rap and the songs of Daniel O’Donnell. Does this reflect a loss of taste? Do I have coronavirus?

Dr Angus Macmillan, Dumfries.