I WAS so sad to read about the death of Michael Tumelty, a great writer who always brought knowledge and joy to so many of the readers ("Michael Tumelty, influential critic of classical music, dies aged 73", The Herald, May 21). His reviews and articles opened so many new doors; if he said someone was worth listening to they were researched and enjoyed. It does not seem like nine years since he retired. I have missed his insight and the pleasure he brought so many times.

He will be remembered through some of the recordings I bought thanks to his prompting,

Rab Neilson, Ayr.

SAD to hear of Michael Tumelty’s passing.

Michael loved the job of music critic, and crucially, the people who made live music, in Scotland or wherever. He always said what he thought about a performance, but he was a doughty champion of the art.

In the difficult times ahead for the sector, they’ll need a champion like Michael. Bless him.

Robert Love, Glasgow G12.

Braveheart was Scottish

HERE we go again, I sighed, on reading today that Braveheart, that film beloved of all independence supporters, had been filmed in Ireland ("Gibson reveals Dances With Wolves was the inspiration behind Braveheart", The Herald, May 21). It was not entirely filmed in Ireland . It filmed for six weeks in Scotland in Glen Nevis, as the people of Fort William would be happy to attest to. It was only the battle scenes that were filmed in Ireland because they had the number of horses and men that were needed.

People complain the film was historically inaccurate. Reporting of the filming has been just as inaccurate.

Celia Stevenson, (CEO of Scottish Screen Locations in 1995), Ayr.

Access most areas

SANDY Tuckerman implies that golf courses are excluded from the Right to Roam legislation (Letters, May 21). This is not the case. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code has a section on golf courses. It says: "You can only exercise access rights to cross a golf course." It then states that you must keep off greens, not interfere with play or damage the playing surface.

Cyclists and horse riders need to keep to paths at all times and not go on any other part of the golf course.

With the right of the public to gain access to golf courses, comes the responsibility not to misuse them.

Duncan Stirling, Cardross.

Three into two

THE term "triple treble" is really just a minor instance of the device of "elegant variation2, but sometimes synonyms are used to indicate context. Hence a musician speaks of duple time, but double counterpoint or a two-part fughetta.

Similarly it makes for clarity to speak of a dual-control twin-engine bi-plane.

Usage isn’t always logical. We’ve all heard references to "quad bikes", and I was once at a function where the MC enjoined us to put our hands together for "three lovely ladies who’re gonnae sing a duet".

Robin Dow, Rothesay.