ALTHOUGH I’m in my 70th year and have a plethora of medical complaints, each day I drag my aching bones on a 4km walk round and round the periphery of Gartnavel Hospital estate. I do it early to avoid the zombies. Oh yes, there are zombies out there.

Despite my age, social distancing requirements and basic good manners mean that I often leave the footpath and walk on the road to allow others to pass without being contaminated by my pathogen-laden exhalations. It’s amazing how often the zombies completely ignore the consideration being shown to them and act almost as if the friendly salutation of “good morning” constitutes a threat. I often wonder if the same encounter was happening in the middle of the Gobi desert the outcome would be the same, and they would trudge by completely absorbed by inner thoughts or the antics of the ubiquitous wee dug chasing a ball.

It is, however, a fairly accurate metaphor for today’s society where a large percentage of the population seem to be totally self-absorbed, wrapped up in a Cummings-like world where they are all that matters and to hell with anyone else.

David J Crawford, Glasgow G12.

Wedding hope

REGARDING those unfortunate people who have been refused refunds by wedding companies (" Wedding venues are ‘breaking the law’ by refusing refund cash", The Herald, May 26), perhaps they should approach their credit card companies (if they have paid by credit card) and claim a Section75 refund.

I recently did this regarding a cancelled holiday paid by credit card and had a full refund in about three weeks.

Michael Watson, Glasgow G73.

Pressing problems

CONGRATULATIONS To Catriona Stewart ("("So where do we go when we need to...go?", The Herald. May 26) for raising a major issue, certainly for me, and I suspect a lot of people, during this time.

When I was first caught short on a walk, I had to run and shouted to the wife: "I'll see ye back home."

Now, I am more precise on the timing, and turn back almost to the minute for safety's sake. In the past, we would have nipped in somewhere for a coffee, or me into a pub for a swift half and a half, so I could use the facilities, but now there's nowhere.

And please, don't anyone say tie a knot in it. It's not that easy now.

Andy Stenton, Glasgow G1.

ALLAN C Steele's letter (May 26) is interesting in that he mentions that the 19th hole has not been cleared to recommence trading.

As a bowling club, we have had correspondence from Bowls Scotland regarding the re-opening of playing facilities but "no urgency or pressure" to do so until clubs or players feel ready. One part of its Guidance for Clubs is that "Club house facilities (including toilets) should remain closed until further notice."

One can only assume that golfers are in possession of excellent bladder control if they have played 18 holes but do not have toilet facilities at the end of their round.

This of course (pardon the pun) brings me to Catriona Stewart's excellent article just a couple of pages earlier. It could not have been more poignant.

Allan Halliday, Paisley.

Boz in the long grass?

NOW that Boz has delivered the perfect Hamish crossword clue and answer (11 across, May 26) can we hope Hamish has decamped to his but’n’ben to self-isolate for a while?

Steve Brennan, Coatbridge.