Macwhirter call

Ian Macwhirter’s column called for Nicola Sturgeon to bring Alex Salmond back into the folds of Scottish politics citing that the former FM is too dangerous to her party to keep him away.

“Nicola Sturgeon will discover she has fewer allies than she thinks – and the most formidable foe in Scottish politics.

“For what it’s worth, I agree with Macwhirter here. There is nothing to be gained, and indeed, a lot to lose, by folk putting all their energy into fighting multiple proxy battles.”

Paul Middleton, Twitter

“Personally, I wouldn’t have Alex Salmond anywhere near anything to do with Indyref2 because he’s an incompetent one. Let’s not muddy the waters and have a fatal repeat.”

Jim Donegan. Twitter

“Our economy burns, jobs are lost, companies close. The SNP fights amongst themselves. Truly a disaster for Scotland.”

Chester Hughson,

“Sturgeon is liked and respected by a broad range of Scottish society, including many Unionists – as she is competent and less divisive than Salmond.

Whereas Salmond was loved by about 50% of the country and loathed by the other 50% – he’s not someone you can be on the fence about.

If either of them are going to grow support for independence to a high enough level to be certain of winning a second referendum, it will be Sturgeon.”

Mel Akuri,

“Who says Salmond wants to come in from the cold? Former friend Sturgeon appears to have betrayed him, dumping her mentor as she boosted her feminist credentials.

I am a unionist, but I respect Salmond who I believe is a decent man. I much prefer him to the likes of Sturgeon with her favouritism and cronyism.”

Andy McKenzie,

Bog gets backing

The UK Government’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has given its backing to The Peatlands Partnership’s World Heritage Site Working Group to go ahead with developing the nomination of The Flow Country to UNESCO for World Heritage Site (WHS) status.

Those making the bid say it is regarded by many as being the “best blanket bog of its type in the world”.

“Good luck with this, driving up past Crask Inn through this amazing landscape was unforgettable.”

William McMeechan,

“I have ridden my bike many times around the flow country only by riding do you get to feel it and see it and it is an incredible place for wild campers.

Not sure if turning it into a world heritage tourist trap would protect or enhance the area. Only in Scotland would we be comparing the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal to a swamp?”

James Devlin,

Royal future

Brian Beacom’s column wrote that “We shouldn’t be at all surprised if the public become rather more angry than “beastly” and wonder why we continue to tolerate the Royal Family, who have come to represent bitterness, arrogance and ingratitude”. The column provoked much debate online.

“The sooner we’re a republic, the better we’ll be.”

John Gordon

“The end of the monarchy – I’ll vote for that.”

Andrew McMillan,

“My immediate reaction on reading this headline was ‘And the sooner the better’. Let’s be rid of the lot of them.”

Alasdair MacKenzie,