Freedom day is very much a huge part of this weeks new cycle and not everyone is happy.

I spent the last week in the searing heat of Central London, mask wearing and wiping down every surface I touched, then spent nights lying awake convinced I had Covid. I have gone through more lateral flow tests than pregnancy tests in my entire life as a woman who had some pregnancy scares in a 40-year marriage.

Some cab drivers, comedy punters and hospitality staff I spoke to were treating Freedom Day with some well-earned scepticism: they want the virus to be gone, they want business back, but equally terrified they are being used as herd immunity collateral damage, as Boris explained “I must level with you, some people will lose their lives”.

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Who chooses? Is it like Whitehall Hunger Games? Is it a lottery?

Because when the leader of a nation, who is not known for his compassion towards the poor and disenfranchised, says out loud “some people will die”, I suspect people toiling on the front lines working hard for this country, hearing him say that know he means them. They will die. But at least we can get pizza and a beer inside a pub. So stop moaning sick, vulnerable people, you have to accept some people might die. It’s Freedom Day. Can’t you just stand by your country, wave a flag, salute the statues, take the virus at full force and do your duty?

I suppose it gives Piers Corbyn a day off from ripping Covid warnings off the tube trains in this heat.

Michael Gove stood nodding behind him, explaining that people have ‘had enough’ of restrictions, in the same way I had had enough of migraine headaches, so I threw away my medication. That’ll teach migraines to plague me. I need to live with it, I guess.

England will be the first city in the world to end all the Covid rules whilst as the same time its dealing with exponentially rising Covid cases.

Professor Whitty explained that the move to Freedom Day was part of the roadmap out of lockdown but that plan has been disbanded since the vaccination rates started falling off, and that plan didn’t factor in the Delta variant which surged in May and now the NHS is in danger of being swamped again.

The Italian Covid minister Walter Ricciardi said it was now time for the UK Covid advisors to speak “truth to power”. But will they or are they bound by the ties of Boris who believes he knows best?

How people react to Freedom Day will depend on how quickly people start losing their lives on a weekly basis, then we may see Boris at the podium with a lot more context to explain than his “water melon smiles”.

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The right leaning Twitter pundits are celebrating what they see as the end of Covid and posting videos of them ripping off masks and to top it all anti-virus ghoul Katy Hopkins went to Australia to annoy and frighten the folks there, and sparked an online campaign to get her kicked out, so that might be the ONLY thing that is coming home this month. But doesn’t have a catchy tune to accompany it.

The “levelling up” flagship speech that Boris gave to the nation, was a veritable stream of consciousness and one wishes he had stuck to his notes. As a seasoned stand-up comic, we can always spot when someone is ‘winging it’ and Boris stood there vomiting words. Then his own party when faced with criticism tried to excuse him and rebrand the word ‘ambiguous’ as the words ‘a load of baloney’ was too hard for them to pronounce. They keep excusing him and people keep voting for him.

What many of the British people are finding hard to swallow is that the flimflam evidence Boris and his gang are telling us to justify Freedom Day goes against a report in The Lancet signed by no less than 97 scientific experts warning that lifting restrictions will be ‘dangerous and premature’.

Dr Gurdasani said of Boris’s plans on easing the rules around Covid: “This government's strategy is callous and inhumane”

I am more likely to trust the doctor than Michael Gove nodding to Boris as Laurence Fox throws a mask ripping party in the streets.

As Covid case numbers start to rise in England, people are rightly nervous. Boris wants to cultivate this ‘Blighty Spirit’ to prop up the belief he’s doing good work, because the football failed to deliver that wave of patriotism and as we all know ended in a flood of racism online.

Other European countries are not doing what Boris is doing, most notably Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon is dragged daily online and in the press for ‘not doing enough’ or ‘doing too much’ with Covid rules and it feels like the British nation is playing a huge game of noughts and crosses to see who wins. The prize being, “some people will lose their lives” and we all stand together hoping we aren’t on the "dying team".

I don’t know if waiting a month will help us catch up with the ‘Vaccine V Virus’ event but I am willing to try that. I wear a mask for as long as I possibly can and most people I know personally are following that advice.

If this experiment with our lives goes to the wall, who will be there to say they followed the science with a straight enough face as the bodies pile up?

In a challenge to those who recently criticised Johnson about his Freedom Day he said “If we can’t reopen our society in the next few weeks…we must ask ourselves when will be able to return to normal?” Well, I guess when enough people have lost their lives for him to accept that his gamble on our health was a mistake.