WE recently mentioned a bakery near Dundee where the iced buns are famous because…

Well, we never actually discovered why the buns are famous. Though there’s a sign on the bakery window heralding their celebrity. And when did a bakery window ever lie?

Meanwhile, reader Bert Tappman tells us he once holidayed in Canada, where he came across a rural food store in Nova Scotia where a sign proclaimed that you could buy: ‘A Nova Scotia delicacy! The best fish in Canada… and the World!’

“I bought the fish,” says Bert. “Very nice it was, too. Though it came in a box labelled Birds Eye Fish Fingers.

“So I can’t say it was the first time I had tasted this Nova Scotia delicacy.”

A sound romance

A LOVE story. Reader Malcolm Boyd was pleased when his wife mentioned how wonderfully compatible she thinks they are as a couple.

Is this sweet harmony due to Malc and the missus’s sizzling romantic chemistry, which makes them very much like a modern day ‘Romeo and Juliet’; an ‘Abelard and Heloise’ for the ages; or even a reboot version of Mickey and Minnie?

Not quite.

Malcolm’s wife proceeded to qualify her statement, explaining that while hubby can hear high frequencies, she can hear low frequencies. Therefore neither of them ever misses a ringing mobile phone or the front doorbell.

Forget the heart – lurv’s all about the lugs.

Green day

ESSENTIAL dietary advice from reader Gordon Casely, who says: “By replacing your morning coffee with green tea, you can lose up to 87 per cent of what little joy you still have left in your life.”

Legging it

DESPERATE to get fit, Madge Lindsay took a beginner’s swimming class at the local gym. Another first-timer was an elderly lady who was bobbing next to our reader in the pool.

When the 45-minute class was over, she turned to Madge and said: “If this is swimming, I’d rather learn how to sink. At least there’d be less faffing with the arms and the legs.”

Palindromic perfection

AS we previously mentioned, the legendary 70s band Abba have reformed and are making new music together. Reader Shirley Sutherland is still in awe of the combo’s previous achievements, explaining: “Abba are the only palindromic act to have a palindromic hit (SOS) in a palindromic genre (pop).”


FRUSTRATED reader Pat Hogan got stuck in a traffic jam the other day. He says: “I was there for so long that even the sat nav said ‘Are we there yet?’”