SO Apple have new smartphones out and Samsung have a foldable screen smartphone and yes, they have all the whistles and bells you might imagine in the modern world, but guess what is setting the heather on fire? Nokia is bringing back ‘The Brick’.


The Brick?

If you didn’t own a Nokia 6310 yourself, it’s likely you know someone who did. The chunky mobile was a global sensation that first launched in 2001, with an updated version the following year, before being discontinued in 2005.


What was the big deal?

It is best remembered for its simplicity, but also for its long battery life and its durability - it earned its nickname as it was seemingly indestructible, with users filming themselves throwing it and dropping it to see if they could damage it at all.


But best of all…?

It featured the legendary ‘Snake’ game where the player manoeuvres a line toward a dot that grows in length and eventually becomes its own primary obstacle. Hugely popular and addictive, you can now get copycat apps to download the game on to smartphones.


Now, though?

The Nokia 6310 has been “refreshed and reinvented” with a design tweak for its 20th anniversary.


Revamped how?

The slight changes to the new version include the introduction of a 2.8 inch screen compared with an even tinier 1.8 inch screen. It will also have 320x240 pixel definition, compared with the original's 120x160 pixels in 2001. It also comes with a wireless FM radio and still has its reliable battery which can go 21 days without recharging if left on standby.


What about a camera?

A 0.3 megapixel rear camera has been added to the anniversary makeover edition.



The classic 1990s mobile game is back on the new model.


It’s all about nostalgia?

The pandemic has seen a surge in nostalgia and Nokia believe their beloved old mobile will find favour with those feeling a longing for simpler times, but also with those looking for a more straight-forward phone compared to some of the hi-tech devices on offer at the moment. A spokesman for the Finnish communications firm said: “The new Nokia 6310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and brings it up to date with some great new additions such as a large curved screen, improved readability and accessibility. It's all built in a tough shell [made from paolycarbonate], so it can take life's bumps. The Nokia 6310 is the familiar phone, for the modern world.”


Fans are on board?

Reaction to the release has been fairly positive online. One fan tweeted: “That yearning for nostalgia makes the new Nokia 6310 the perfect tonic.” Another said: “I can’t wait for the new Nokia 6310. I can’t believe they put a whole inch on the screen and doubled the resolution, that’s so cool and you can’t forget about Snakes. I love it.”



One mobile user felt the tweaks didn’t sit right: “Seeing a camera on the back of a Nokia 6310 is like seeing a dog walk upright on its hind legs while wearing a top hat.”


How much?

Coming in three colours - black, yellow or dark green - the new phone will retail at £59.99 on the Nokia website, compared to the Apple iPhone 13, for example, which could cost you more than £1000 if you splash out.