THE world is on fire with one thing and another that we don’t need to go into right now, but over on Facebook, a group of intrepid diners have dedicated themselves to…counting how many chips they get in Wetherspoons.


Excuse me?

The Facebook group is titled, “Wetherspoons paltry chip count”, and has approaching 60,000 members.


Is it a joke page?

No, it was set up in August of last year, asking members to note "how many chips you get with your Wetherspoons meal”, with the inclusion of “paltry” in the group’s title hinting at an overall chip on the Wetherspoon-dining public’s shoulders about not getting enough actual chips with their lunches and dinners.


There are plenty of Wetherspoons to choose from?

There are around 925 in the UK, including bars and hotels, with founder Tim Martin opening his first pub in 1979 in London's Muswell Hill.


So how does the chip count work?

Some members post images of their meals with a chip count and leave it at that.



Others take it more seriously, taking measuring tapes and rulers to determine the length of their chips and some even take thermometers to provide details on the heat of not just their chips, but other food items such as burgers.


Measuring tapes and thermometers?

A recent post from one member, Max Williams, about the V-Shed venue in Bristol, said 32 chips were in the bowl of chips they received, with three stragglers that fell off the bowl, while the chips had an "average temperature of 88 degrees Celsius. The customer also ordered a classic 6oz burger that came with "25 chips and five stragglers" and had an "average temperature of 75C”.


What else?

Another customer, Kyle Lewis Taylor, said his visit to Wetherspoons in Ashton-under-Lyne, near Manchester, resulted in "35 chips, all decent sized, with the longest around 9.5cm". He added: "Decent effort all round.” Meanwhile, Liam Hewson-Finch said his visit to The Robert Pocock in Gravesend resulted in "a very healthy number of 35 chips" with the "biggest one at around four inches”, adding that he was “very happy” with his meal.


What’s it all about?

Group founder, Chris Allen, from Nuneaton in Warwickshire, noting the increase in interest in his page of late, posted that it’s all about having fun. He said: “I never imagined this group would go any further than a few of my friends having a but of light hearted fun. One thing I must be very clear about - I will not tolerate any kind of harassment, bullying, or hate on this group. It was set up as a bit of fun and I want it to remain just that…We are not about knocking Wetherspoons either.”


It’s a sensitive issue?

A photograph of a portion of Gordon Ramsay's "classic" fish and chips - costing £18.50 - from his eponymous restaurant at London House in Battersea last year sparked fury online when it emerged it only contained seven chips. One Twitter user said: “Where's the rest of the chips? I've seen more chips in a seagull's mouth!!!”