THE recent BBC documentary series about the Blair years is rather instructive when it comes to understanding Boris Johnson and his administration’s relentless assault on democracy. We’ve had the latest attack on parliament and scrutiny unfold over the last few days with Owen Paterson’s greasy lobbying scandal and Johnson’s failed attempt to corrupt norms and rig the game when it comes to holding his party to account.

In the BBC series, charting the history of New Labour, Blair remains utterly unrepentant for the war he waged in Iraq contrary to the wishes of the British people.

One million citizens took to the streets demanding Blair step back from invasion, in the biggest mass action in UK history. But Blair was intent on taking the country into a murderous war based on lies. The views of the British people meant nothing.

Therein lie the seeds of the weeds which choke political life in Britain today.

It’s hard to think of a moment in British history which was more shattering to trust and respect between the electorate and the government than Blair’s refusal to heed the will of the people.

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