IT is a historic dynasty with Hollywood glamour woven into its past, but the people of Monaco are concerned for their Princess who has retreated from public life for treatment for “exhaustion”, as they recall the so-called “Grimaldi Curse”.

The Grimaldi Curse?
As with all such legends, there are a variety of theories as to when the “curse” began, including that back in the 1200s, the Sovereign Prince Rainier I kidnapped a beautiful Flemish maiden who took her revenge with a curse upon him and his descendants, declaring: “Never will a Grimaldi find happiness in marriage.”

Talk of a curse on the Royal Grimaldi dynasty took flight in the 1980s following the death of Grace Kelly, the Hollywood legend who left the silver screen to become Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier III in 1956. She died at just 52 in 1982 following a car crash which her daughter, Stephanie, survived.

From that moment on…?
Each tragedy since the Princess’s passing has fuelled talk of a curse, including Grace’s daughter, Princess Caroline, losing her second husband, Italian speedboat racer Stefano Casiraghi, in a speedboat accident in 1990. 

As well as tragedy…?
The family has not been without its scandals, with Grace and Rainier’s eldest, Prince Albert’s failure to settle down - and the fact he had children with other women outside of marriage - said to have long disappointed his father prior to his death in 2005 at the age of 81.

Stephanie made headlines through the years, as she became involved with her bodyguard - a former fishmonger - in her mid-20s, having two children with him, before having a third child with another bodyguard. She also dated an elephant trainer that saw her relocate from her palace to a circus trailer and then married a Portuguese acrobat for 10 months and tried her hand at a pop career.

Prince Albert, 63, wed South African swimmer, Charlene Wittstock in 2011 and had twins, Gabriella and Jacques, in 2014, with Jacque the heir apparent, ahead of Albert’s other children. But the Princess, 43, only returned to her family last week, following a 10-month stay in South Africa where she was said to be recovering from surgery following a sinus infection, and she was not in attendance at Monaco’s National Day celebrations yesterday - one of the biggest events in the Royal calendar.

Where is she?
Having at first said his wife - who unveiled a half-shaved hairstyle last year and has been looking frail - was at a mystery location, he yesterday said she is receiving treatment in a facility “outside of Monaco” after the extent of her illness became evident “within hours” of her return from South Africa. Prince Albert said she is suffering from “exhaustion” as the couple’s children held signs up saying “We miss you mommy” during the National Day celebrations yesterday.