Feminism forgotten

AN academic has been using social media to further her knowledge of a previously under-examined area of anthropological scholarship.

“Doing my dissertation on the Tennent’s Lager Lovelies campaign,” reveals Caitlin McCabe on Twitter, before requesting that her followers complete a survey on the ladies in question.

Our readers may recall that the Lager Lovelies were attractive young women whose often-scantily-clad forms decorated cans of Tennent’s back in the Neanderthal epoch of beer imbibing. A time before feminist entreaties won the day with the booze-guzzling public.

It seems that this long ago era isn’t quite so long ago as we may have imagined, for one respondent answers Caitlin’s request by trilling: “Good looking women on beer! What’s not to like?”

Fit for purpose

THE Diary has been swooning over the athletic achievements of World Darts Champion Peter Wright. Though for some unfathomable reason not all of our readers are persuaded of the sporting prowess of the arrow-chucking fraternity.

While watching the darts on telly, Mark Davidson explained to his wife that the commentator was a former darts player.

This revelation astonished Mark’s missus.

“How do you end up as a retired darts player?” she enquired. “It’s not as though you can become any less fit.”

Saucy remark

CURIOUS reader Edward McGuire gets in touch to ask: “If I accidentally rub ketchup in my eyes does that give me Heinzsight?”

Ant man

SCOTTISH author David S Wills specialises in writing about those wild American beatniks who included amongst their number Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs.

It seems that David’s own behaviour is equally outrageous, for he reveals that he unknowingly poured the last of an expensive bottle of whisky into a mug full of ants.

“So now I'm drinking ants and whisky,” he reports. “And you know what? It's not bad.”

With mounting fervour, he adds: “Miraculously no hangover. Maybe I should start adding ants to all my alcoholic beverages.”

Assailed by mail

“BINMEN are the opposite of postmen,” claims reader Eric Hamilton. “Because binmen take the junk away from your house.”

Quality or quirky?

WHEN reader Rob Baker visited Czechoslovakia many years ago he was intrigued by the advertising slogan used to promote the country’s own brand of cola, which was: "Good or weird?"

Says Rob: “I suppose some people may have concluded it was both. The sort of people who like haggis, for instance.”


HISTORICALLY-MINDED reader Murray Garner says: “The worst thing about being called Spartacus is that someone else will always get your taxi.”

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