THE Diary has an abject apology to make. For the last few days we have been poking fun at our glorious leader, the splendiferous Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, or Boris Johnson as he’s known to the lowly peasant and cap-doffing community.

Yes, it’s true that Boris has been in a spot of bother of late. But, my goodness, the chap is an Old Etonian.

He wore a top hat and tails to high school! Even Fred Astaire didn’t attempt such a sartorial gambit until he was a fully-grown hoofer with Ginger Rogers in his clutches.

Such a magnificent fellow as Boris really shouldn’t be the subject of the Diary’s scorn and ridicule. Yet still, on this very website, we couldn’t resist publishing a series of memes about his (alleged) partying during lockdown.

To rectify the situation, we now present an image that mocks a completely different personage; one who isn’t nearly so grand as BoJo.

Today’s Meme of the Day takes a humorous look at former Prime Minister David Cameron, who was spotted wearing a checked jacket this week, a reckless move which he will undoubtedly live to regret.

(Wait! Could it be possible that "Call Me Dave" also went to Eton? Yipes! We better delete this disrespectful image, sharpish…)