DO you consider your neighbourhood rather well-heeled? A new online list reveals the top signs to look for to determine if your locale is posh and if not, then at least you know what to look out for when splurging on your next mansion.


So what’s it all about?
A poster on social network and discussion site Reddit asked, "What are some things you absolutely only ever find in a posh area? I was thinking of things like bistros or bespoke cake shops, but nope - there's some near where I live and that's not posh”. The contributions came flying in.


One suggestion was that “Butchers shops with whole pheasants hanging on display with the feathers still on” were a posh clue, while others said country stores were a sign, selling "tweeds, horse tack, expensive wellies and shotguns” or “hunting supplies shops selling really expensive wax coats and shotguns”. Another said “charity shops that have items in them you can't afford.”


Any other posh clues?
Contributors suggested that "artisan bread shops with a windowful of sourdough" on your local high street were a surefire posh sign, along with gelato shops and chocolatiers and "A Kuoni travel agent”. And one item that used to be a feature of all local communities - a red phone box - was also suggested as an indicator of an upmarkate locale.


Some more obvious signs?
Contributors suggested a Bentley dealer, a yacht dealer, electronic gates over driveways with intercoms and restaurants without prices on the menu..


If your neighbours sport red chinos or "boat shoes, Oxford collar shirts and linen blazers", then you are in a more affluent area. One Costwolds resident wrote: "The only thing we see constantly - which we don't see elsewhere - is rich Londoners cosplaying how they think wealthy country folk dress - flat caps, Hunter wellies, Barbour gilets, burgundy or orange's hilarious.”


Another poster suggested "bespoke kitchen and bathroom showrooms - you'll never get that on Peckham high street", while others said they determine the well-to-do status of an area depending on the cars, saying "25+ luxury estate cars bought brand new outright" were a sign.


What exactly is ‘posh’ anyway?
It dates back to historic ocean voyages between Britain and India when the most desirable cabins - those that did not get the afternoon heat -were on the port side out and on the starboard side home. The luxury tickets were supposedly stamped with the letters “POSH”.