WHEN the Conservatives took power in 2010 they instituted austerity policies which hammered the poor, ostensibly to reduce Britain’s deficit. The result was food banks, with families left poverty-stricken and charity-dependent.

Twelve years on, Liz Truss’s government cuts £45bn in taxes benefitting the rich, funded at the expense of poor, low income and middle class families. The cuts depend on huge deficit-busting borrowing which ordinary people will pay for, further undermining public services and incomes. Jobs and mortgages are on the chopping block. The poor now choose between heating or eating. Whether austerity or Trussonomics, the poor suffer, the rich win.

Truss has sunk Britain’s economy amid a devastating financial crisis. Her energy support package was woefully inadequate, leaving millions adrift. It’s badly targeted – deliberately? – giving more to the rich than poor.

While the cost of living crisis mounted, Tories engaged in a protracted leadership contest, leaving Britons dangling in agony, awaiting news of how we’d pay our bills, while other nations quickly protected their most vulnerable.

Truss’s government is clearly engaged in Class War. The poor are the bodies over which the rich scramble to the top. Cameron’s austerity was cruel, stupid and pointless. It’s difficult to be so mild about Truss. What she’s forcing through is vicious and brutal – a deliberate act of destruction aimed at ruining and humiliating the poorest.

One struggles to find a more fitting term for what she’s doing than ‘evil’. That’s not a word anyone should use blithely. It should only be applied to acts of intentional, malicious sadism. But how else to describe the policies Truss is employing to fashion her hellish vision of Britain? Either Truss knows what she’s doing – which makes her monstrous – or she’d no idea of the chaos she’d unleash, rendering her an idiot unfit for employment let alone leadership.

Vampire capitalists

The background to this economic ruin stinks. Truss was installed as Prime Minister by 160,000 wealthy members of the Tory Party. Who benefits from her new economic policies? The very Tory members who chose her, and the super-rich donors who prop her party up.

The Tory Party’s links to the vampire capitalists enriching themselves on the ruin caused by Conservative policies should chill every thinking citizen to the bone. Take one example: Tory donor Crispin Odey.

Odey’s hedge fund has made a killing betting against – or shorting – Britain. These people are cashing in on national meltdown. Odey says bets against British government bonds are “the gifts that keep on giving”. New chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng – perhaps the most incompetent, dangerous and arrogant chancellor in British history – once worked as an Odey consultant.

As well as being a Tory donor, Odey channelled £870,000 to Brexit groups. He went on to make an estimated £220 million shorting the pound and government bonds which collapsed following the Brexit victory.

What kind of country runs like this? Former US treasury secretary Larry Summers says Britain is acting like “an emerging market, turning itself into a submerging market”.

HeraldScotland: Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng once worked for Tory donor Crispin Odey – who made £220m shorting the pound and government bondsChancellor Kwasi Kwarteng once worked for Tory donor Crispin Odey – who made £220m shorting the pound and government bonds (Image: Newsquest)

Between austerity and Truss’s financial murder of the UK economy sits Brexit. What was Brexit other than the biggest political con trick in British history – an act of destruction for the poor and enrichment for the rich, dependent on lies, disinformation and racist dog whistles. It smashed Britain’s economy. Without Brexit, we’d be in a much safer position than we are today.

Truss – who sneeringly dismissed government energy support for voters as ‘handouts’ – is now leaving the British public hanging by a thread once more. We’ll have to wait until November 23 for further updates on how the government will respond to the chaos and ruin its just created. Is this not sick?

Nor should we forget that the Treasury blocked the Office for Budget Responsibility from making public any forecast of Britain’s economic outlook alongside Kwarteng’s ‘mini budget’ – a wilful act of suppressing the truth. That’s how democracies wither.

Acts of economic violence

Britain is currently a hostage of the Tory Party. The government has a gun to our heads until the next general election. What havoc and destruction can it unleash by then? Truss’s administration is, effectively, doing the work of Vladimir Putin: crushing the British people when we’re at our very lowest. The Kremlin must love Trussonomics.

The question that must be asked is: why is Truss breaking this country? We’re experiencing acts of economic violence against the people of Britain which, if they were carried out by another nation, would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

Across Britain ordinary people are panicking and fearful – terrorised by their own government. Of course, there’s a gleeful few rubbing their hands. We’ve even had some loathsome cosseted characters in Scotland say they’ll jump ship and move to England as they’ll pay less tax there. Good. Go. Nobody wants you anyway. Count your gold, and ponder the loss of what passed for your soul. Others even question why the poor are going hungry when you can buy enough porridge to feed a family for a week. This is the philosophy of the workhouse, the glorification of sadism. Gruel Britannia, should be their anthem.

Of course, the Scottish Tories are braying like sheep, demanding the Holyrood government follow Truss economically. It’s their nadir. While the world looks on in horror at what Westminster has done, these fools want Scotland to line up behind Truss to slit the nation’s throat and assault the public.

Who ever imagined a worse Prime Minister than Johnson? We once joked that Johnson hid from sight at the end of his administration like Hitler in his bunker. The difference is that with Truss, she’s in her bunker – for where is the woman, she’s nowhere to be seen – but ready to destroy the whole damn country with her. Downfall, anyone?

Scotland’s government may not be great – and it isn’t, it can be awful – but when it comes to living with the sociopaths currently running Westminster, it’s a much needed shelter from a storm that’s only just starting to lay waste to the land.

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