Three hundred million self-published books are sold each year and as with any new booming industry there are people willing to help you navigate the once closed-off world of publishing.

The market is growing, $1.25 billion worth of self-published books are sold each year and the number of self-published books has increased 264% in the last five years.

I began my book writing process 17 months ago. I had no plan or concept of how my memoir would look, let alone the publishing process. I had an inkling that the world of publishing is complex and daunting – only slightly less arduous than the book editing process.

In order to partner with a publishing house you would require an agent, an engaged social media following at scale, or a large database, or have already enjoyed success in selling a book.

If you intend to use the messages and themes of your book to inform the work that you do in the world, you need to exclusively own the rights to your content.

Another factor to consider is the fact that margins on royalties with a publishing house are very low. On some self-publishing platforms authors can make up to 70% on royalties.

Add to this the daunting task of writing your first book with no experience, it's unsurprising you can find many coaches, mentors and organisations willing to help you for a sizable financial investment.

After some research I liked the sound of Chandler Bolt and his Self Publishing School. For the sum of $999 I signed up for his AAA Programme. The promise had been that they would support me through the entire process, including the book cover design and uploading onto Amazon.

Whilst the reality of the support is a little less hand-holding than anticipated, the redeeming features of this package are the amazing coach whom I go to for regular informed advice. We have conversations around the motivation for being a self-published author. Add in a great community of like-minded authors to support you on your journey, all invaluable support mechanisms as you navigate the world of publishing.

If you or your organisation decide on this route, research it fully and consider how much you are willing to learn and invest financially. Consider a third party to help define and of course, check what is included in your contract.

My book went live on Amazon on November 17. I am humbled and grateful about how well it has been received. I will continue to work with my coach at the Self Publishing School on the next steps of my sales strategy.

I own all the rights to my story, and am able to regularly check the sales and royalties stats. This has been an informative, challenging experience and one which I highly recommend to those individuals and organisations who wish to share their story on their own terms.

Lazara Canton is an author and Mindset Healer. Find out more at