Anyone who spent time around young children at Christmas will be familiar with that blissful feeling when the loud toy is taken away, the tantrums end and they’re finally silent. 

Anyway, Piers Morgan has been locked out of his Twitter account. 

In a Christmas miracle that Frank Capra would be proud of, Morgan’s account was hacked in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

Who is Piers Morgan?

He’s the guy who spends half his day moaning about permanently offended ‘snowflakes’, and the other half being offended by the existence of a 41-year-old American woman who didn’t want to be his pal. 

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What’s happened?

Over the course of 50 minutes, hackers referring to themselves as ‘The Chuckling Squad’ posted bizarre and often impenetrable tweets from the @piersmorgan account. These included disrespectful comments concerning misogynist TikTok star Andrew Tate, chart-botherer Ed Sheeran and dishevelled former Have I Got News For You host Boris Johnson

There were also several tweets devoted to YouTube content creator Low Tier God, with whom the hackers appeared to have a personal beef.

Morgan has over 8 million Twitter followers. Did the hackers do anything useful with that platform?

Sadly not. They could have used their moment in the spotlight to shed light on worthy charities or causes, or at least tweeted something believable in Morgan’s style. Say what you like about the 57-year-old, but he’s unlikely to tweet: “Don’t lack by the store Manny got beat with a 4 by 4”. 

If you were told a Good Morning Britain host had tweeted: “TowTruckGang Up In Dis Hoe”, you would assume it was Richard Madeley. 

The Herald: A tweet posted from Piers Morgan's accountA tweet posted from Piers Morgan's account (Image: Twitter)

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The posts featured racism, homophobia and ableist slurs, meaning tweets from Morgan’s account were now appealing to people who say those things in public rather than just the ones who say them behind closed doors.

A bombardment of offensive, worthless tweets fired out purely to generate attention. How did people work out that it wasn’t actually Piers Morgan?

Suspicions that he had been hacked first arose when the man went a full four minutes without tweeting about Meghan Markle.

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How did this go down on Twitter?

The initial excitement faded as users realised the hackers were squandering their opportunity. Hopes for something substantial were raised when they promised to leak Morgan’s direct messages with celebrities, but the screenshots failed to materialise.

How come?

It turns out that, even after the ableism, homophobia and racism, this was a line the hackers were unwilling to cross. 

It would, of course, be highly unethical to gain access to someone’s private conversations through hacking.