The news that Health Secretary Michael Matheson has run up a bill of almost £11,00 on his parliamentary iPad has caused some consternation among politicians and commentators alike.

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Today, one of our readers details what such usage might have entailed, and calls for openness on the affair.

Peter Wright of West Kilbride writes:

"I am with EE on my mobile phone contract and am advised that there is no standard data roaming charge for Morocco. Instead one must 'buy data add-on when you land'. That applies for contract, out of contract and pay-as-you-go. Michael Matheson must have had some kind of cost warning on obtaining that add-on.

"There is a suggestion that the cost per megabyte is £7. That would give Mr Matheson 1.57 Gigabytes for his £11,000 bill and as a WhatsApp message uses an average 30 kilobytes of data, that would give him 52,000 messages, a staggering four Covid inquiries full.


"It is also interesting that the monthly bill for Mr Matheson exceeds the total phone bill for all MSPs for last year, which was £9,500. Something does not add up and I think Mr Matheson needs to give us some of the "openness and honesty" that the SNP promises but like so many of its promises, fails to deliver.”

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